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The Kandera also known as Karan, Pinjara or Pinara, are a community of ginners, and belong to Hindu community. Pinjara or Pinara seems to be their occupational name. In local terms kani means cotton and those who do the work of cotton are Kandera/Karan. They claim Rajput descent and trace their lineage to the Suryavanshi Rajput.

To prove their claim they obtained a pramanpatra (certificate of proof) given by a group of Brahamans who are said to enjoy good reputation in the region. The story of their origin as stated by informants runs like this. Raja Kanakpal Singh of Chittor settled at Amer in Samvat 1228. His dynasty ruled over Amer for a pretty long time. One of his grandson’s daughter, Shakuntala became prey of the evil designs of Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi.The love marriage was not acceptable to her father. Consequently he got Shakuntala married to a Rajput. But this was not acceptable to the Sultan. He made an attack on the Rajputs.

The Kandera belong to clean caste cluster. Beef is prohibited for them. They do not take pork and buffalo meat. The Kandera do not like fish. Bajra and wheat are common cereals. The pulses include urad, arhar, mung and masur, Patato, onion and garlic are very often taken. They usually take leafy vegetables. Occasionally they take fruits when they can afford. Milk and tea are common drinks. Taking alcoholic drinks are not liked by them. On some occasions they buy drinks from market and take it. Linseed oil is used in winter and for the rest of the year mustard oil is used in winter and for the rest of the year mustard oil is used for cooking.

In all there are thirty-six clans or gotras among the Kandera. They are not arranged in a hierarchy. Clan hierarchy plays an important role in marriage alliances.There has been a change in gotra names which are also used as surnames. These gotras are exogamous units and have a goddess. They claim a Rajput descent and put them under the kshatriya category of the varna order.They are aware of the four varnas which have specific position in the hierarchy.To others they are of the clean communitiy cluster. They however, occupy a position above the Kamingar or servive castes. In the local hierarchy they are above the Scheduled Castes.

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